2015 Update

Registration is Open!  This year The Live BIG Challenge will be held on August 22.  New for 2015 we are introducing a third course, an epic ride of 100 miles and 11,016 ft of climbing!  More importantly though, one of Bryan’s legacies is that this event will help all families affected by cycling accidents.  This year the event will also be supporting the family of, and honoring Noreen Macbean, whose life was lost while cycling on March 28, 2015.  In addition, we will have James Lawrence, the Iron Cowboy in attendance this year, riding the Alpine Loop!!!  For those who don’t know James, he just completed 50 Ironman triathlons, in 50 states, in 50 consecutive days!


The Live Big Challenge is a cycling event we have organized to honor the lives of our friends who have fallen while living life to the fullest. One such friend, Bryan Byrge, passed away earl in 2014 after being struck by a vehicle while riding his bike to work. Bryan’s personal motto was “Always Live Big,” and he exemplified that motto by spending much of his time serving the youth and helping the sick. Bryan’s passing was a tremendous loss to his family and friends, but that loss has also been felt throughout his community — our community. We created and The Live BIG Challenge to honor the life that Bryan lived and to continue his legacy of service to the community. This challenge is both a celebration of living big and a fundraiser for the family of our fallen friend, Bryan Byrge.

Event Info

On August 22, 2015 something epic, amazing, and quite special will occur.  Dozens and hopefully hundreds of riders will ride take part in a cycling event that will not only be fun and challenging (for those who want it), but also rewarding by giving to Bryan Byrge’s and Noreen Macbean’s family.

The main events will start in Orem and complete the Alpine Loop (clock-wise, up American Fork Canyon) for a total of 40.8 miles or the Epic Loop will climb AF Canyon, but then drop down into Cascade Springs, over to Midway, up/over Guardsman Pass, down Big Cottonwood Canyon, over Suncrest and back to Orem… for a total of 100 miles!

There are many people wanting to support and ride in the event, but aren’t quite ready for either of those challenges.  For you we have a mostly flat ride along the Murdock Canal trail for a total of 20 miles.

We will also all ride in a 1 mile memorial ride at noon for everyone (children encouraged).


Map - Epic LoopMap - Alpine LoopMap - Murdock Canal


What is The Live Big Challenge?
The Live Big Challenge is an annual ride we have set up to honor Bryan Byrge, Noreen Macbean, and the other riders who have lost their lives doing what they love.

When is the event?
In 2015 the event will be held Saturday August 22.

How do I register?
What skill level is the ride for?
There are three options for the ride to accommodate all skill levels.

Where do the proceeds go?
This year the proceeds will go to support Bryan’s family and Noreen’s Family. In the future the proceeds will support as many families as possible who are in similar situations.

Can I volunteer?
Yes, we would love the help! Please provide your information HERE so we can coordinate your help.  Thanks.

Who is Bryan Byrge?
Bryan Byrge was literally one of the best men we know. He dedicated his life to serving his fellow man. Whether it was with the youth, with the sick or just with his friends and neighbors he was always the first one to go lend a helping hand and make sure people had what they needed and knew how important they were. Bryan was a huge family man. He has an amazing wife and 4 beautiful and strong children and he loved nothing more than spending his time with them. Bryan was literally everybody’s best friend. He included as many people as he could in his life and every one of us loved him like a brother. Sadly Bryan lost his life in March of 2014 while riding his bike in to work.  To read more about him, go here.
Who is Noreen Macbean?
Noreen Macbean had an enormous passion for life, children, and adventure. She was an avid cyclist and triathlete, and a founding member of the Timp Tri Club. With her friendly personality and contagious smile, she was instrumental in recruiting people to and growing the Timp Tri Club in its early years and she loved the people she came to know. Noreen and her husband, Allen, spent a lot of time flying together, camping, hiking, and snowshoeing.  Tragically she lost her life in May of 2015 while riding her bike on a group ride.  To read more about her, go here.

What does 'Live Big' mean?
Bryan always told us to “Live Big!” He believed that you never knew when life was going to come to an end so he always believed to live life to the fullest. He was an avid cyclist, mountain biker, skier, snow boarder, split boarder, wake boarder, boater, heli-skier and pretty much any other sport or outdoor activity you could think of. The best part about Bryan was that his family and friends were always involved in everything he did. Living Big means to live life to its fullest and to do what you love, no matter what it is. We challenge you to come honor the life of such a great man and Live Big!


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